Riley's Check-Up

Since my last post the edema in Riley's leg is gone as well as almost all of the red on her inner thigh. She still has a bump about the size of an oblong tennis ball on her inner thigh but her pain is gone. No pain meds for 4 days! She's in good spirits and has been running around like nothing was ever wrong. I took her into the vet this morning for a check-up. Dr. L could feel a small bump underneath the remaining swelling and is pretty certain that she tore a muscle. There's still a very small chance that the bump is an abnormal mass in her tissue but he's thinking not. Only time will tell the truth. We'll keep a close eye on her and pray that she doesn't have another flare-up in the next month. 

Buster, on the other hand, is not doing so hot right now. I took him into the vet this morning as well for his annual check-up. While there he received a rabies shot in the rear and a distemper shot in the shoulder. We had a little Christmas party at work for lunch today and when I went back into my room, Buster stood up and was holding up his front leg. (For those of you that don't know, my dogs come to work with me.) I thought maybe he slept on his leg funny and it fell asleep. I went to take the dogs outside to go potty and Buster only made it halfway to the door before he laid down. He's acting very sluggish and spacey. I called the vet and they said he must be having a negative reaction to one or both of the shots. Great. One dog is better and now I have the other one to worry about! Poor guy.


coffeeaddict said…
I'm so happy to read Riley's doing better. Love the photo, too adorable :-)
Wishing you all a happy Christmas
Kathy said…
Oh my, surely do hope that Buster is feeling better and so glad to hear about Riley! Just wondering if Riley's issue could have been the result of a tick or spider bite?? I don't know, just throwing that out there. Those aren't the typical symptoms of lyme disease, but I always question that whenever there are mysterious symptoms. Our dog had lyme twice, her symptoms were limping and sore joints, plus lethargy.
Kelly J. R. said…
Thanks Coffee and Kathy! Buster is back to his normal, crazy self this morning.

Kathy- both of my dogs have had lyme disease. Riley has had it 3 times. (We're in major tick country). They get tested for it once a year and Riley just went through the course of antibiotics in June. So, I'm thinking that it wasn't lyme because she should have antibodies in her blood to fight the disease for the next few years. Spider bite? Who knows! We live in the country and the dogs are always running around in the woods and around the barn so there's no telling what she may have gotten into!

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