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The Big Day - Getting Ready

Our wedding day started early in the morning with my parents taking me to get my hair done at salon in downtown Waupaca. My mom got her hair styled as well and then we both changed into our fancy dresses. I wasn't nervous until I put my dress on - then I couldn't stop shaking! Meanwhile, Christian finished up a few last minute things at the farm then nervously drove with his mom out to the ceremony location at my family's land. (Riley wanted to come along so bad!) I hid behind the trees until Christian arrived then walked out to meet him. I love his smile when he first saw me!

My mom had a piece of her engagement diamond set in a cross necklace that she gave me as a wedding gift. I also wore my grandmother's wedding ring on my right hand and Christian's grandmother's engagement ring on a bracelet. After we pinned on the flowers and boutonnieres it was time to head up the hill for the ceremony.
To be continued....

Poor Birdies

Two weeks ago, with temperatures closing in on 60 degrees, Wisconsin was finally starting to feel like spring. A few of our summer birds even moved back home. I was seeing sandhill cranes during our evening walks and even spotted a red-winged blackbird! Then last week snowstorm Francesca blew in and blanketed everything in ice and snow. I felt so bad for the birds that came home a little too soon. I made sure all of our bird feeders were topped off and even hung a few birdhouses. 

Stay warm little birdies! The snow is melting fast.

What's On Our Menu This Week

Have you ever heard of fusilli bucati lunghi? I recently came across it for the first time in Vegetarian Times magazine. The sauce for that particular recipe sounds delicious so I thought I would give it a shot for Sunday's meal.  

While working on our menu yesterday I needed one more meal and couldn't come up with anything. I asked Christian what he wanted and he said hamburgers. He actually wanted the turkey burgers that I make with carrots, peppers, and onions in them but we're going to go with regular beef burgers this time. I'm sure he won't complain. :)

Monday: This was a "cheater" meal. The soup was a mix that I bought at World Market. I wasn't impressed. I should have just started from scratch.
Tuesday: Every time I make this meal I'm impressed with the flavor. Simple is delicious.
Wednesday: The stir-fry didn't turn out as good as I remembered it. Maybe my tastes are changing again. The fresh pineapple was delicious though!

More Winter Weather

Snowstorm/Ice storm Francesca has been pounding us since yesterday morning. Last night I took the dogs out to play fetch and the wind was throwing the icy rain around so hard that it hurt to be in it. Buster wanted to play ball so bad but couldn't stand getting pelted by the hail. I'm guessing that I'll have some wired and antsy dogs on my hands today.

This morning we have huge drifts of snow in our driveway and our tractor (which we use to plow) is conveniently in the shop. My nice husband shoveled out the big drift in front of my car but I still wasn't sure if I would be able to make it down the few country roads to get to the highway. When I got out of the shower, the snow plow went past so I figured I at least had a chance of making it in to work. 

When I finally trudged out to my car, the doors were all iced shut. No matter how hard I pulled, I couldn't get any of the doors open. I heated up a few cups of water then poured it around the door and, surprisingly, t…

What's On Our Menu This Week

We're having a lot of easy meals this week with only two new recipes - the corn and cod cakes and the stone fruit tea cake.

IN REVIEW: Monday: What's not to love about chili baked in a cast iron skillet and topped with cheesy corn bread. Tuesday: The black bean soup was actually a curry lentil soup mix that I bought from the natural foods store. I added salsa, cumin, and green onions to give it a mexican bite. Wednesday: Tasty but I had a hard time keeping the darn things rolled up. Thursday: This was a quick, throw everything in one skillet meal before I had to run back out the door. We both think it turned out delicious. Friday: The veggie burgers I made were couscous, lentils, egg, sunflower seeds, onion and carrot. They taste amazing but don't stay together very well. I wonder how I can fix that... Saturday: I ended up going shopping all day with my mom and Christian was working on a side job so we had leftovers. Sunday: Every time I make a ham it takes at least 1 1/2 hours lo…

Summer's Comin'

Check back next week for sunny posts on our wedding ceremony and reception. 

Reception Preparations

Since we hosted our own wedding reception at our farm, a good part of our summer was spent preparing. The machine shed floor had to be raked and walls rid of cobwebs, twinkle lights strung, the yard and garden tidied, and so on. All of that was piled on top of the start to a huge restoration project on our barn. While the whole summer was busy (and went by in a blur) most of the chaotic setup happened the day before the wedding. We were so fortunate to have help from our parents and Christian's sisters, Molly & Dayna. 

We started at the crack of dawn hauling soda up from the basement of the house and piling it in the tractor bucket. Christian then drove the tractor back to the machine shed and the soda was loaded into the cooler - our 16' Adirondack canoe. Next, the chairs, tables, and port-a-potties arrived so everyone worked on setting those up. Wind was ripping through the building so our moms were having a heck of a time trying to figure out a way to keep the tablecloth…

Ceremony Preparations

While I love snowshoeing and the beauty of a fresh blanket of snow, I'm ready to move into our next season. I know spring is coming because the days are getting longer and the sun has been breaking through the gray of winter a little more every day. Dreaming of warmer days led me back to our wedding photos. Those August days were so hot and filled with sunshine. I thought I would share a series of posts on our simple do-it-yourself wedding. 

For as long as I can remember I wanted to get married on my parent's land in Waupaca. After Christian proposed, I started dreaming about where I wanted the ceremony to take place. In late August, one particular field is ablaze in yellow goldenrod. The center of the field has a small hill that leaves you with a great view of the surrounding property. I decided that's where I wanted to get married - in the middle of that field, surrounded by flowers and the ones we love. Since goldenrod only blooms for a few weeks in late summer, that det…

What's On Our Menu This Week

Last week we were meat-free and this week we're having meat almost every night. I have to make my husband happy somehow!

IN REVIEW: Monday: Clean out the fridge burritos. YUM! Our comfort food. Tuesday: One of my favorite soup recipes growing up and still a favorite. I modified it a little by throwing in some leftover ricotta cheese and parsnips.
Wednesday:  I had forgotten just how much the packet recipes makes - way too much for 2 people! The fridge is overflowing with leftovers right now.
Thursday: I ended up having to work overtime AND I still needed to get groceries after work so we had frozen pizza instead. Sad. Friday: One day behind schedule. The burgers were yummy but the syrup the veggies were in turned out soupier than last time.
Saturday: The spicy tomato soup was good, as always.
Sunday: Christian asked what was for supper. I said, "meat loaf" and he said, "That's not what the menu says! It says we're having pizza." We just had pizza a 3 days ago, …