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This Boy is One Today

Buster. Buss. Bussy. Buster Brown. Skinny Bones. Boney Butt. Buddy. Bud. Birthday Boy.

1 year old. 31 pounds. Ravenous appetite. Clumsy and heavy puppy legs. Fast as a squirrel. Doesn't chew food. Obsessed with playing ball. Hates being blown at. Can jump HIGH! Never sleeps on car rides. Scared of other dogs. Tries to herd flying birds. Goes to bed early. Deathly afraid of cats. Would chase cars if we let him. Lets Riley get the ball first. Hates being brushed. Learning to catch a frisbee. Doesn't bark. Can sit, stay, lay and shake. Loves to run. Mostly serious but knows how to smile. 

One year old. Buster, you've only been in my life for 3 months but I already can't imagine life without you. 

What's On Our Menu This Week

This week I'm trying out 3 different recipes from The Gluten-Free Vegetarian Kitchen.  Also, last Friday I was out for a walk with the dogs and noticed the forest is full of ramps (wild leeks) right now. I have a book on foraging for food that has a lot of different recipes for wild edibles so I thought I would try something new. If the weather cooperates, I'll be going out and collecting enough ramp leaves to make pesto. I can't wait!

Monday: Since the forecast said that Monday would be our only day of sunshine the whole week, I skipped out on grocery shopping and just made spaghetti for supper. Instead of shopping and cooking, we played in the garden and went for a long walk. You have to enjoy the good weather when you can.
Tuesday: After work, Christian and I drove a bit north of home to look at some land for sale. Then the rain stopped so we took a detour home and stopped at a few county parks. We didn't get home until 6:15 and I seriously considered just m…

Amazing Earth

In honor of Earth Day I thought I would post a few of my favorite nature photos from trips Christian and I have been on. The Great Outdoors are called GREAT for a reason. 

2011 Vegetable Garden

I have spring fever so bad. Our little part of the world is still(!) covered in snow so there's no playing in the garden. Not for awhile yet. Last week I put together our garden plan. Every year I build a layout in Adobe Illustrator - call it graphic artist geeky fun.

I practice organic gardening so you'll notice a few flowers mixed in among the veggies. Flowers are a great way to attract or repel certain insects. Every year our garden is very much alive with beetles, spiders, butterflies and birds - some good and some bad. But that's nature and she's been doing a pretty good job of taking care of herself all these years so I think I'll stay out of it.

Most of the plants have been placed in a certain spot for a reason. The beans are next to the corn because beans add nitrogen to the soil and corn loves nitrogen. Marigolds are by the corn because deer like corn but they do not like marigolds. The Hales melon is planted between the peas because by the time the peas are…

A Message for Mother Winter

Enough already! Have you forgotten it's officially spring?!!

What's On Our Menu This Week

This will be a relatively easy cooking week with other people providing two different Easter meals. I think the approaching snow has sucked the spring out of my step.

Monday: The Pakistani Potatoes were just okay - nothing I would ever make again.
Tuesday: Another okay recipe. There's other stir-fries that I like much better.
Wednesday: The last two times I made pizza I used a recipe from Vegetarian Times for a gluten-free crust. The crust tastes good but it's too soft. You have to eat the pizza with a fork.
Thursday: I'm starting to preview quickie meal items for our big camping trip this summer. The Spinach Dal was from Tasty Bite. I mixed the pouch with rice. The flavor was nice but I think it would have been really good with some steamed broccoli stirred in.
Baking: The peanut butter cookies turned out kind of wierd. The recipe came from the back of a package of Bob's Red Mill Teff flour. The cookies were, obviously, made with teff flour and were a bit grainy …


Last night's moon rose over the neighbor's farm BIG and BRIGHT. 

April 17th, 2011 at 8:07PM.

Dusty Dancin'

After everyone had their fill of pig and pie, we started up the music for a little dancing. The RSVP cards to our wedding reception had a spot for 2 song requests. We loved getting the cards back in the mail and seeing what songs everyone wanted to dance to.

After all of the requests were in, I went out to iTunes and loaded up my computer with music. Our guests picked out the majority of the music we played that night. We hauled my computer out to the machine shed and hooked it up to some big stereo speakers. No DJ needed! During the night, I remembered who had requested what songs so if they weren't out there dancing, I could call them out on it. :)

Christian and I had our first dance to Keith Urban's "Making Memories of Us". My dad and I danced to Bucky Covington's "A Father's Love" and Christian and his mom danced to "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. Then everyone jumped in to stomp some dirt. As the night wore on, we were real…

And Then Our Guests Arrived

A good majority of our guests traveled over 2 hours to attend our reception so we reserved a block of rooms at a local hotel. Since we're out in the country the hotel was 20 minutes away. As a wedding gift to us, my brother arranged shuttles from the hotel to our farm and back for our overnighting guests. We were so thankful for the shuttle because we knew our guests would get back safely. The only bad thing about the shuttle was that everyone arrived all at once - that was a bit overwhelming!

The first thing that the guys did was hunt down the kegs. We had Spotted Cow so I can't really blame them! Toasts were made and people took family portraits in front of our lovely corn backdrop. Right before dinner we gathered everyone by our barn for a group shot. Our photographer climbed up on some scaffolding and took the shot from over 15 feet in the air. I treasure that group photo.

In addition to the roast pig we had chicken, potatoes, cole slaw, fruit salad, dinner rolls, and baked …

The Pig

After ice cream we headed back to our farm and took care of a few last minute things before our reception guests arrived. For as long as I can remember, I wanted a pig roast for my wedding so that's what we did. The pig had been roasting since 6:00 that morning and was ready to be carved. All of the girls were pretty grossed out by what they saw. I wasn't bothered by it - I think it's good to know and understand where your food comes from. The pork tasted delicious! Instead of a guest book I drew a tree that everyone placed their fingerprint "leaf" on. It turned out great! Of course, Riley had to poop right by the machine shed so I had to get rid of the yard bomb. Then Christian and I took some fun pictures up in the barn. 

"I Do.... like ice cream!"

After our wedding ceremony, we headed to a nearby ice cream cream parlor for a refreshing treat. What a great way to cool down and relax before the start of our reception! This little pitstop was my favorite part of the whole day :)

What's On Our Menu This Week

I like to borrow cookbooks from the library and preview them before deciding whether I should buy or not. This week I'm cooking four different recipes from the Power Foods cookbook. It's on short loan so I only have two weeks to try out the recipes instead of four. I hope the food tastes as delicious as the photos look!

Monday: Burritos are my "throw whatever leftovers we have together" meal and they are always Christian's favorite.
Tuesday: The mushroom and scallion frittata from the Power Foods cookbook was so easy to make - only 5 ingredients if I remember correctly - and it was delicious.
Wednesday: The burger recipe was just okay. I actually prefer the portobello burgers that I just throw together and season with Penzey's spices.
Thursday: VERY good stir-fry. I didn't have almond butter like the recipe called for so I used peanut butter instead. Still yummy. I was a little ticked off at the soba noodles I bought. The front of the package said …

After Ceremony Shots

After the ceremony we took the traditional family shots. I really like the one of me with my mom and grandma and then our 3 wedding rings. We brought an Aldo Leopold bench up the hill for grandma and grandpa to sit on since the photos were going to take awhile. We said our vows at high noon and it was bright and HOT at this point - that didn't keep me from leaping around like a crazy person, though. Meanwhile, Christian and his sisters were trying to cool off in the minimal breeze.

Christian and I are big hikers so I wanted a few shots with my hiking boots on. Also, we have a tradition at the Land that visitors must sign our outhouse. Important events get recorded there as well so we had to stop by and leave our mark.

Our Ceremony

My dad and I waited behind the trees until everyone was on top of the hill. Then they all yelled in unison "We're ready!" As dad walked me up the aisle, everyone started humming Here Comes the Bride. I thought I would be nervous but that lightheartedness made me crack up laughing. After my dad gave me away to Christian, everyone around us disappeared. The only thing that I could focus on was the smiling eyes of the man before me - my soon to be husband.

After we were pronounced husband and wife, everyone came around us for a big group hug. Our moms were our witnesses and signed the marriage license. Christian spun me around through the flowers and I've never felt so free and happy in all my life.

What's On Our Menu This Week

My life is about to get a bit more complicated. Last week I went to see a naturopath because my fingers get really bad in the winter. See?

Swollen, inflamed, burning, itching and aching. Sorry for the gross picture but I wanted to show you what I've been dealing with every winter for YEARS. I've seen regular doctors for the problem but no one was able to pinpoint what was causing it. They just wanted to give me medication in hopes that it would go away. Um, no thanks. I've played the "let's see what side effects this medicine causes" game with other medical issues and it's no fun. 

So I went the natural medicine route and the lady I saw thinks I may be sensitive to wheat gluten. Right now I'm going through a cleanse to rid my body of any toxins and I'm switching to a gluten-free diet. I love sweets and bread so this dietary switch is going to be a real challenge for me. I'm the kind of person that eats healthy meals just so I can eat more sweets…