Hurricane Hunters - REALLY?!!

I just finished the book Eyewall by H.W. "Buzz" Bernard about a Category 5 hurricane that slams into St. Simons Island, Georgia. The fictitious story was an okay read but what really intrigued me was the part of the book about Hurricane Hunters - people who actually fly INTO a hurricane to gather important weather data. I had no idea that people really do this. I get nervous during flights when there's a little bit of turbulence. Can you imagine how much you would get tossed around in a hurricane?!! Brave, brave, brave men and women! 

Here's a little video I found about Hurricane Hunters:


Amy Powell said…
that's really interesting! we have tornado hunters here... I have a few friends who do that. I think they're all crazy!!
coffeeaddict said…
weird beyond words...I had no idea.

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