On Our Menu: January 23 - 29

I've been having a lot of luck lately with new recipes. Last week I made Cashew Chicken. I was a little skeptical about the sauce. Sherry and balsamic vinegar in an Asian dish? But I had faith in the recipe and it worked! This dish was delicious. I served it atop basmati rice.

Second up was Mushroom Parmesan - grilled portobellos that are then topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. I had to give this recipe a try after hearing Lorelei rave about it. We really loved it but it didn't make much. I could only fit 4 portobellos in my grill pan at one time so that's how many I made. I think if I make it again I will grill two batches of mushrooms because they are that good. This would be great served with garlic bread. Although, the Popeye Bread from Great Harvest Bread Co. was pretty great too.

Pesto Pizza - No recipe here but I did try something different thanks to a suggestion from Amy. Normally I top our pesto pizzas with ham and mushrooms. Amy recommended chicken and sun-dried tomatoes. We tried it and it was very yummy. Thanks, Amy!

For dessert this past week I just had to try this Deep-Dish Cookie Pie. Another recipe with chickpeas to tease Christian with. We both loved it. The pie is super moist and the chocolate chips add just the right amount of sweetness.

Over the weekend I roasted my very first turkey. Yep, 30 years old, a foodie, and I've never roasted a turkey until last night. Well, it turned out great except for the smoke that was rolling out of the oven! Not sure what was up with that... To go with the turkey I made Potato Pan Gravy. Oh my gosh - so good! This gravy is thickened by potatoes instead of flour or starch. 

Since there's only two of us and I roasted an 11-pound turkey, this week's menu is featuring a lot of turkey dishes. Gotta love leftovers!


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