One Year Ago

One year ago, after days of anxiously waiting, our local animal shelter called and told us we were cleared to adopt a 9-month old border collie named Buster. That afternoon, we happily drove him to his new home in the country. OUR home. 

I won't lie or sugarcoat it, the first week was a nightmare. After being in the shelter for a month, Buster was on a totally different schedule than us. Every single night I had to get up to let him out twice around 11PM and 2AM. And it was winter. And freezing cold outside. He also had a hard time communicating with us that he had to go out during the day so he had numerous accidents in the house. Worried about more accidents, I was letting him out every two hours or so. We also had problems with him chasing cars down our country road. Oh yes, my blood pressure was sky high. But, in no time at all, Buster adjusted to our lives and made himself right at home.

During the past year he's had his fair share of bumps and bruises. 

He got bit on the cheek by another dog in the shelter.

He's had lyme disease and numerous broken and bloody nails.

And fights with his sister.

But more importantly than all that, he has wide open spaces to run. 

A sister to take comfort in.

A cozy place to rest his head.

And sunny days filled with lots of love and affection.

We're so happy that this crazy fast, big-earred boy is a part of our lives. 


coffeeaddict said…
so so sweet :-)
Regardless of all the stress and responsibility and vet bills,... the feeling of receiving unconditional love from an animal is truly something that I am never able to explain to someone who's never shared their life with a pet before.
Kathy said…
Aww, what a great dog! I love the pictures of him, particularly the one of him in the field of dandelions. He's a lucky pup!

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