Field Fire

I was driving home from work last night when I noticed black smoke roiling in the distance. As I got closer I could see an orange glow. I came around the bend in the road and saw that a field was on fire!

Though you can't tell in the photo, a few ACRES were burning. The fire was huge but burning in a strange U-shape. My first thought was "controlled burn" or a practice burn because of how it was burning and where. But then four fire trucks went screaming past me and now I'm wondering if it was a wildfire. I drove the two miles home, picked up Christian then we went back to watch the fire from a nearby hill. While we were there three more fire trucks arrived... or maybe they were the same trucks coming back to the fire after filling up in the river. We'll probably never know what really happened but I'm glad that the fire was a good distance away from any farms so it seemed like nothing was in danger.


Dionne said…
Oh wow. Fire is so beautiful and yet so scary and dangerous at the same time.

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