On Our Menu: February 13 - 19

Do you have a pressure cooker? I used one for the first time this past week when I made Butternut Squash & Edamame Zosui. Once all the veggies were chopped up, thrown in the pot and the lid sealed, the soup only took 6 minutes to cook. 6 MINUTES! I was impressed. (Not quite as impressed with the recipe but oh well.) I do have to admit that I was a little bit nervous about using the pressure cooker for the first time. I called my mom for a little guidance and as we were ending the phone call she says, "Don't blow anything up." I replied, "That's why I'm calling YOU!" Way to boost my confidence, mom!

A new recipe that I tried last week and did love was Chipotle Beef Sandwiches except I used venison instead of beef. An easy throw-in-the-slow-cooker meal that came out tasting great.

A few weeks ago I was raving about the Rainbow Stir-fry recipe from Vegetarian Times magazine. They finally put the recipe up on their website. Seriously, you have to try it!

Here's what I'm cooking this week:


Kathy said…
Yummy, this looks like a delicious week at your house! Particularly Tuesday and Saturday nights!

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