"I can't."

I suffer from low self esteem. People that know me would disagree because I keep it so well hidden. I wasn't always this way and I know the exact event that caused my mind to shift from that girl who was cocky and confident to the one I am now. I'm so lucky to have a husband to remind me of everything that I've accomplished and how special and blessed I am. And truly, I have nothing to complain about. 

"I can't." 

I hate those words and try not to say them out loud but they're often still swimming around in my mind. 

"I can't" is clearly not in this guy's vocabulary.

Stools from Mark Morgan on Vimeo.

Inspired yet? Do something wonderful today. You CAN... and so can I.


Amy Powell said…
that is very inspiring for sure! I hate low self esteem... it's so difficult to conquer. thanks for sharing!

Have a great weekend :)

{PS - tagged you in a post!}
Melissa Blake said…
SO inspiring...thank you! I find myself saying "I can't" too and need to catch myself!
coffeeaddict said…
great post; I found the video inspiring and your honesty refreshing :-)

Happy weekend!
Barbara said…
Just what I needed to hear today - thank you!

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