On Our Menu: March 19 - 25

The first day of spring is tomorrow but it feels like we moved right into summer. Over the weekend we broke heat records with temps in the mid 70's. I'm sure we'll get pounded with snow a few more times before summer is officially here but, in the meantime, the warm weather and sunshine feels wonderful!

The ice went out on the river by our house a week ago so on Saturday we invited some friends over for a canoe trip.

As the spring peeper frogs sang a chorus and the turtles splotched into the water, we snuck around numerous trees that had fallen across the river. 

I loved the challenge of finding the best way over and under the logs and branches. Only once did we have to portage because there was no way through. My hunky paddling partner did a wonderful job at steering us through the obstacles. We really had a nice rhythm going and it was the best we've ever paddled together.

After we finally made it off the twisting river (4 hours later!) we had everyone over to our farm for a cookout. We rarely have people over and it was so nice just to relax on our deck and drink a few beers with good friends.

Now, onto the food. Last week I only tried one new recipe and it was a good one: Pepperoni Pizza Pull. The recipe was very easy to make and tasted delicious. The recommended serving size is 8 people but we ate it all ourselves - and we had a salad first! Either we're pigs or it was THAT good.

Here's our menu this week:


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