On Our Menu: March 5 - 11

Last week I ended up being spoiled and didn't have to cook for 3 nights in a row. On Friday night we tried out a new-to-us Irish Pub in downtown Waupaca. You can read my restaurant review here. We loved it and can't wait to go back. It had the perfect atmosphere for a cold and snowy winter night.

The majority of my weekend was spent painting our living room. The actual painting didn't take that long but it was the emptying out the room and taping up the trim that took so much time. Our house was a rental property before Christian bought it so some things are in pretty rough shape. 

Getting ready to paint.

I want to (finally!) hang some artwork on our walls but there were so many nail holes and scuff marks that I didn't want to hang anything until the walls were spruced up. Now that the living room is painted (pretty much the same color as in the photo) I've been realizing how disgusting the rest of the house looks. I think I really opened up a can of worms...

Here's what's on our menu this week:


Amy Powell said…
Yummy! As always you have a wonderful menu planned out! Hope you are having a great week!

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