2012 Garden Plan

This year's garden is all planned out and I'm ready for another bountiful growing season to start. A few of the perennial plants are already up such as the lemon balm, rhubarb, chives, tansies, and strawberries. If the rain holds off this weekend I'm hoping to sow the salad greens, peas and onions. I may be a little early but my mom already has peas and greens in her garden and I'm jealous! Here's our garden plot. It's 16' x 42' - the same size as last year.

The warm-weather crops have been started indoors and a few things are already sprouting. The past few years I've bought pepper and tomato plants from local garden clubs but this year I'm starting all of my own plants - no cheating... unless my seeds don't come up! Then it's time for Plan B.

Do you plan on growing anything this year? In addition to the vegetable garden I plant flowers for a few hanging baskets and containers around our house. I love how the bright flowers make our house look so much more inviting and cheerful.


Kathy said…
Oh my word, I kept scrolling down, down, down...your garden must be huge!! You must post some pictures! We are actually not doing a vegetable garden this year due to various reasons, but I will be sure to plant at least 1 tomato plant. I will take advantage of the bountiful harvest at our local farmer's market. And of course, my herbs come up year after year. Good luck with your gardening and keep us updated on the progress!
Amy Powell said…
this is amazing & super impressive! I can't even keep a basil plant alive, so I'm super jealous of this!

can't wait to see it in full "bloom" (or whatever the correct term is ;)
Pretty Things said…
That is so awesome. Before Zack and before beads, it was ALL gardening and I drew out designs, too! Not as cool as yours, though!
Copper Diem said…
That garden looks fantastic! So jealous - i have to console myself with the farmers market for now :)

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