Birthday photo? HA!

Buster is 2 years old today. I try to get a picture of our dogs every year on their birthday but my boy wanted nothing to do with it. Here's how our little photo session went down.

When I first got out the camera, Buster ran over to me and snuggled up close. I thought I might be able to get a picture of us together so I held out the camera but then Buster decided to give me a tongue-bath.

Yuck! After cleaning off the slobber, I had Bus sit down a few feet away from me but he refused to look at the camera.

I'm not looooooking............                                        I'm stiiiiilllllll not looking....

What a stinker! And then...

What's over there?                                                           A stick - my favorite!
I will destroy you!
Lip-smackin' good.                                                      Ha - that was so much fun!

  Dog photos are not easy - especially with a high-energy pup like Buster. This is the only decent photo I got:

Looks like I'll have to try again when I have a little more time.


amy b.s. said…
well how cute is buster!

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