Fishing on Lake Michigan

A few weeks ago Christian and I took off of work to go fishing on Lake Michigan with Christian's former coworker. We met Steve and his friend John at 5AM and headed out onto the lake from the Seagull Marina in Two Harbors. The weather was perfect with just a few small waves. 

We started fishing in water over 140 feet deep. Steve worked on setting up the poles while we tried to stay out of the way. We had our first fish on before all of the poles were even in the water! Christian was closest so he grabbed the pole out of the holder and started reeling it in. A lake trout! John commented that they didn't taste very good so we threw it back.

In no time at all I got to reel in my first fish! The king salmon put up one heck of a fight. Before the trip I was worried that I wouldn't be strong enough to reel in the fish by myself but I did it without a problem! (I did get a blister though. How pathetic.) Christian also landed a (much smaller) king salmon shortly after my fish. We were having a blast!

Later in the day the fishing slowed down a bit. The fish headed into deeper water (260 feet) so we followed suit. Steve kept the boat on track with the GPS marks where fish were previously caught. John took a little nap while Christian and I watched the poles. Steve tried some different lures including one that he stuffed with tuna and garlic. Sounds strange but it worked!

By 11AM the wind was picking up so we decided to pack up and head in. The ride back was ROUGH. I was getting tossed around like a rag doll!

Thankfully the waves weren't bad all day otherwise I'm not sure I could have handled it! I didn't get seasick because I took Bonine but I felt dizzy for a whole week afterwards. Yuck.

During our morning out fishing, we hooked 13 fish but only got 6 into the boat. Steve and John said that it's typical to only get half of your fish in the boat. We let 2 fish go and kept 4: two king salmon and two rainbow trout.

The guys were apologetic that we didn't have more luck fishing but Christian and I were very happy with what we got. These 4 fish yielded almost 15 pounds of fillet! We had a great time and can't wait to go out again.


Kathy said…
Looks like a fishing trip my oldest son would enjoy! He caught a big carp in a river nearby using garlic dough balls!

You look so excited holding up your catch! :-)
Amy Powell said…
sounds like a great time! I've never fished off a boat before, much less gone out in the "deep water".

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