Mason Jar Mini Bar

I love to cook a variety of different things and the bags of whole grains in my cupboards were starting to get out of control. I was just asking for a package of millet, couscous or kamut to open up and spill out over the entire kitchen. We have a lot of blue mason jars left over from our wedding so I thought the grains would look great in the antique glass. Just one problem - I didn't want to hide the pretty jars in the cupboard. I've been looking and looking for the perfect piece of furniture to hold the jars and I finally found it: a solid wood mini bar... from a thrift store... for $30!

$30 Mini Bar from the Thrift Store
Plenty of extra storage
Jars holding whole grains and other dry goods

As my mom would say, "Good things come to those that wait!"


Kathy said…
That piece of furniture is perfect and a great bargain! Love those thrift stores!
Kelly J. R. said…
When I bought the mini bar I called my husband at work to tell him that I got a piece of furniture at the thrift store. He said, "WHAT did you buy?" in a stern voice. I said pleadingly, "It was only $30 and it's really cool and it's exactly what I was looking for!" He wasn't so sure about it based on my description of it on the phone but when he walked in the door at home and saw it, the first thing he said was, "Well THAT'S cool!" Lucky for me he loves it too. :)
coffeeaddict said…
it so cute :-) and the jars always make a kitchen look so cosy and inviting.
CraftyHope said…
That's just perfect!! I love the combo of the mason jars and the vintage mini-bar. It's super!
Mandi said…
What a great idea, very resourceful!

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