On Our Menu: June 24 - July 1

I debated about even posting our menu this late in the week but I wanted to talk about a few things I made last week so, yeah, well, here goes. 

(Click the titles for the recipes.)

This recipe made a lot sandwiches for 2 people so we had leftovers for multiple days. I have a feeling we won't be eating tofu again for awhile. LOL. Christian complained that the tofu was too thick. I would agree with that. Once you piled on the other fixin's it was hard to get your mouth around the whole thing. I marinated the tofu overnight and it still didn't have a lot of flavor. Although, the BBQ/Mayo/Spice sauce was amazing!

The cherry salsa was a really nice switch from the typical fajita/mexican flavors. I was VERY disappointed that I forgot my lunch on the kitchen counter and these leftovers went to waste. But, that's what can happen when you get up at 3:45AM...

Honest-to-goodness, Christian had no idea that the "meat" on his taco salad wasn't really meat. I love being sneaky! This recipe is a keeper for sure. 

The crazy ingredient is cauliflower. I had some leftover from another recipe so I decided to give this cake a shot. I have to admit, it tasted and smelled a little "off." The cake tasted good with ice cream but a bit strange when eaten alone. I wouldn't recommend adding cauliflower to baked goods.

While we're talking crazy ingredients, this noodle dish is laced with a type of seaweed called arame. When biting into a big chunk of seaweed I could definitely taste the collected-from-the-ocean flavor. Not very appetizing if you ask me. Other than that the dish was actually quite tasty. I will make it again, just with less (or no) seaweed.

Here's what I'm cooking this week:


Amy Powell said…
sneaking the no-meat dishes in... that's impressive :)

have a wonderful weekend!

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