An Unwelcome Surprise in My Knitting Bag

The very first thing I ever knitted (and consequently felted) is this Oregon Tote:

I use this bag to haul around my current knitting project, patterns, yarn, needles, etc. Everything seems to fit so perfectly in it. On Fridays I typically go to The Copper Llama to either spin or knit. I'm usually there for a few hours so I bring along a snack... which I also keep in my knitting bag. Well, a granola bar has been in the bottom of my bag for a few weeks now. When I pulled my knitting out of my bag last night, little sticky pieces of granola were on my current project. What the..?! I looked into the bottom of my bag is this is what I saw:

A little critter had chewed a hole in the granola bar and made quite a mess! I'm guessing it was a mouse... Now I'm trying to figure out when it happened. I've been working on my knitting every night and last night was the first that I saw the granola bits on my yarn. Do we have mice in the house... in summer? That doesn't seem likely. What makes the most sense is that I took this knitting bag on our trip to the Apostle Islands last week and the car sat parked on the edge of the woods for 4 days while we were out kayaking. Did a mouse get into the car? I guess we'll never know. In the meantime, we'll be loading up the mouse traps at home... just in case!


KathyK said…
It would not surprise me to have mice in the house this summer... EVERTHING is serarching for water... and a SNACK!

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