Yarn Along - Arm Warmers and The Glass Castle

I'm linking up with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.

Knitting: Arm warmers to wear at work. 
I have a metal desk and my arms get cold resting on the surface but the room temperature is too warm to wear a cardigan. I think these arm warmers will solve my problem perfectly. Also, I'm completely in love with this yarn. Too bad Cascade is discontinuing it!
Yarn: Cascade Lana Bambu in Tiger colorway and Spud & Chloe Sweater in Toast colorway (cuff)
Pattern: New Moon's Angela Weber's Arm Warmers by Nancy Fry

Reading: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
This book was picked by my book club for this month and I can't put it down. I can't believe those kids survived in the environment they were brought up in. As my librarian said, "This book is like a bad accident - you can't look away - or in this case, you can't stop reading!"


Beth said…
Beautiful yarn...it reminds me of fall leaves. If you are enjoying the Glass Castle, may I reccomend another book by that same author, Half Broke Horses. I think I actually enjoyed that even more than the Glass Castle.
Anke said…
I adore the yarn you choose for the arm warmers. Such beautiful warm colors! The pattern looks great, too.
Alisa said…
those arm warmers are lovely....the yarn looks so soft and cozy!!
Donna said…
Very pretty autumn like colors. We will need those hand warmers all too soon.

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