Cute Little Snapper

Last night Christian took Buster out for a walk while I worked on cooking supper. When he came back in the house he asked if I could shut my eyes for a minute. I quickly checked on the pasta and veggies, dried my hands and closed my eyes. When I opened them I was presented with the tiniest little baby snapping turtle. 

This little guy was on the road over a half mile from the river. Did he hatch out of his egg and start walking the wrong direction? We took him back to the river on the way to our Town Planning Commission meeting last night regarding the proposed sand mine. Being an activist can be exhausting at times but this little turtle was a nice reminder of what we are fighting for. Nature is so incredible. Let's protect it for all future generations to enjoy.


CraftyHope said…
OhMyGoodness. . .he's so cute. I'm so relieved y'all got him back to the river. :)
Hena Tayeb said…
Oh my.. look at the little guy. We used to have pet turtles when we were younger..

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