Enjoying Autumn

Last weekend we had gorgeous weather for this time of year so we spent as much time outside as we could. We both had off on Friday so we went hiking at Maple Hills Rec Area. We had the trails all to ourselves.

Then on Saturday we did something that was on my to-do list for the year but I honestly didn't think we'd get a chance to do it with how busy we've been. We biked the 26-mile Green Circle Trail which circles around the outer edge of Stevens Point.

via www.greencircletrail.org

Seriously, I can't believe I've lived in Wisconsin my whole life and just found out about this trail this year. What a gem! The trail winds it's way through wooded nature preserves and parks, quiet neighborhoods and along peaceful rivers. With fall colors at almost peak, I was in heaven.

The trail was very well marked and we only had to consult the map once. The above were the only photos I took because I was having such a blast cruising through the trees on my bike. It took us close to 3 hours to bike the circle and we packed a lunch to eat along the trail. Afterwards, we stopped for ice cream at Emy J's and replenished all the calories we just burnt off. :)

If you're ever in the Stevens Point area, I highly recommend this bike ride.


Melissa Blake said…
I love seeing the leaves change...it's my favorite part of fall!

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