My 31st Year

I used to think that 31 was old. Now I realize that life is only just beginning. The strange thing is that I still feel so young. Does that stay with you your whole life? 

I had 4 hours of vacation to use up by the end of the month so I decided to take a 1/2 day of work today and have a little fun on my birthday. First I'll hit up the thrift store and see what kind of treasures I can find. Then I'll head over to the Aveda spa for an hour-long massage. I had enough points saved up for a free massage so why not treat myself? My legs are still tight from backpacking last week so I'm looking forward to being loosened up. Then I'll probably fit in a little more free shopping (gift cards!) before picking up Christian from work and going to dinner at a hibachi grill. Yes, it's going to be a great day. 

I have a feeling that my 31st year will bring some BIG changes. Change can be a little scary but it's good - oh so good.


Kathy said…
Happy birthday to you, Kelly! I'm about to enter the 40's in a couple months. THAT feels old! Enjoy your day!
Amy Powell said…
happy birthday to you!!! sounds like a lovely way to spend your day & I really hoped you enjoyed it!

best wishes for the next year of you :)

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