I recently read Strength and Compassion by Eric Greitens and these two quotes from the book have been running through my head a lot lately. 

"Courage has a hue even deeper than bravery, however, and that is perseverance. It is perseverance that builds. Great things are won and lasting things are built not in a flash of action but in a long, slow, quiet series of everyday acts performed over a lifetime of steady effort." 

"Lives flourish and justice is done by the steady force of human beings who proceed with a quiet, persistent courage." 

The public hearing for the proposed sand mine is tonight. I am anxious and excited to see what happens. We've worked so hard over these past few months. Sometimes it's hard to see how far we've come. Sometimes the fight seems hopeless. But then I look a little closer and see that we are making a difference. We can't stop now. We must persevere.


Anonymous said…
Hi Kelly, I looked up your blog this morning thinking about the meeting last night. I was unable to attend in person but shared the information with enough friends that I hope some of them were able to add to the numbers. I really hope this ends positively. -Kristin (Manawa)
Kelly J. R. said…
Thanks for helping to spread the word! Public comments went until 1am. We had a very big turnout! The committee has a ton of letters to read through so they are going to take some time to look everything over and then they will call another meeting to vote on the permit.

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