Christmas Day Snowshoe

Last winter we didn't get enough snow to go snowshoeing which is really sad when you live in Wisconsin. Last week we got our first big blizzard so we were able to snowshoe on Christmas Day. We also got out yesterday for another snowshoe. What a great way to work off some of those extra holiday calories!

Using the wooden 'shoes because they're better for breaking trail.
Buster leads the way.
Dad's little hunting shack.
What a great day to be outside!


coffeeaddict said…
Perfect! Instead of lounging around and eating even more food, it's great to go out and breathe the crisp fresh air and feel the sun light on your face.
Clair said…
These photos are really stunning! I especially love that first one. I've never been snowshoeing, but I think it might be the one winter sport that would suit me. =)

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