Christmas Ornaments: Made by Mom

Every year my mom makes me a Christmas ornament. Last year she asked if she could stop this tradition since I'm grown-up now and married. Ummm, no... Her handmade ornaments are so special and I always look forward to seeing what she creates. Here are some of the ornaments she's made me over the years:

Isn't she talented?!! And here's the ornament she made me this year:

Now, a fish skeleton may seem like a strange ornament to you but it's actually quite thoughtful. You see, Christian and I get an ornament from every vacation or adventure we go on. Over the summer we went fishing out on Lake Michigan for the first time. So this fish skeleton is our trip ornament from that adventure! Very cool.


Kathy said…
How cool is that? Our church gives ornaments to the kids every year so that they can get a head start to decorating their trees when they're all grown. :-) I saw another cool ornament tradition today on a blog. The grandmother goes through her stash of old ornaments and uses them as gift toppers for her grandchildren.

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