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Thursday Wake-Up

May 31st, 2012 at 5:11AM.

On Our Menu: May 28 - June 3

Oops. I guess I'm a little late with our menu this week. That's what a 4-day weekend will do to ya! We spent 2 days of the weekend planting the garden. All of the little seedlings that I started indoors finally made their way out into the big, scary world. Sadly, Mother Nature was very cruel on Monday and pounded the little plants with marble-size hail and 60 mph winds. All of the tomatoes were killed and a few of the other veggies. So much for trying to get a jump on the growing season! Now I'll have to direct sow and hope for the best.

Today I had jury duty but at the last minute (before the trial started) new evidence was introduced so the trial was rescheduled. That was still considered serving so now my name can't come up for 4 more years. I served on a jury about 5 years ago and the process was very interesting. The trial itself was a really horrible domestic abuse case but I enjoyed learning more about our justice system and experiencing a trial in person. Have y…

Cocktail Hour Blog Hop Reveal

Amy from Copper Diem organized a fun beading challenge and I just had to join in. Each participant was assigned a cocktail then had to create a piece of jewelry inspired by that cocktail. My cocktail is:

Huh? I'm a beer drinker so I had no idea what a gimlet is. LOL. Thanks to the awesome world wide web, I learned that a gimlet is made with either gin or vodka and lime juice. As with all recipes, there's a ton of variations but the information I wanted most for my necklace design was the colors found in a gimlet: clear and lime green.

I immediately knew I wanted to use some big green nut beads that I bought in January from none other than our blog hop host, Amy!

These beads would perfectly represent limes so my whole design started there. I brainstorm better on paper so I sketched an idea for a necklace then headed off to my local bead store to find some gimlet-y beads.

I was very excited to find some clear glass "ice cubes":

And a cute little "lime leaf":

Thrifty Thursday - Polka Dot Dress

A few weeks ago I was at an antique/rummage sale in the country a few miles from our farm. I was checking out some vintage dresses when the lady running the sale asked me if I like polka dots. (I've loved polka dot dresses every since seeing Julia Roberts in that stunning brown dress in the movie Pretty Woman.) I told the lady "Yes, I do like polka dots!" She replied that she had the perfect dress for me in the house and to sit tight while she went and got it. I don't normally buy clothes without trying them on but I really liked the dress so for the mere price of $4 I took a chance that it would fit. Well, it does fit and I love it. The fabric is so light and flow-y. What do you think of my thrifty find?

The dress is sleeveless and this particular day was a little chilly so I added a jean jacket and a light scarf - both thrifted as well. My whole outfit cost around $14. I love a good deal! 

In other news, I tried out a totally different nail color: yellow! I think eve…

On Our Menu: May 21 - 27

Last week's menu was mostly about the mushrooms, but I did harvest a different vegetable: rhubarb! I planted rhubarb in our garden three years ago and this year I was finally able to harvest a batch. I love rhubarb in baked goods so I made a Rhubarb-Lemon Coffee Cake. It turned out to be the perfect combination of sweet and sour. 

One other new (unplanned) recipe that I snuck in last week was Lemon Couscous with Broccoli. This was a very easy side dish that made a nice amount so we had leftovers. You saute the broccoli in a large pan, add the rest of the ingredients, bring to a boil, cover then let sit until the couscous is done. So easy! The dish went great with rosemary-garlic crusted pork chops.

Here's what I'm cooking this week:

A Homegrown Meal - Wine Cap Burgers

I'm amazed by how fast the wine cap mushrooms are growing. 

I've been harvesting every two days but only because I have to!

On Tuesday night we had our first taste of our new mushrooms. I sprinkled some of the largest caps with BBQ 3000 from Penzeys Spices (Wauwatosa, WI) then placed them on the grill. And what fun is grilling out if you're not enjoying a nice cold beer? I'm always trying different microbrews and this one was Potosi Snake Hollow IPA (Potosi, WI). 

Once the mushrooms were done, I placed two caps on a Johnston's Bakery whole wheat bun (Sheboygan, WI), added a slice of swiss cheese from Star Dairy (Weyauwega, WI) and a good puddle of Saz's Vidalia Onion cooking sauce (Milwaukee, WI). 

Delicious! The burgers had a nice smoky/sweet flavor and were juicy, thick, and filling. Since this was our first time eating these mushrooms we were joking that this was our last meal. You know, because we were going to be poisoned. Totally kidding of course! I was pret…

On Our Menu: May 14 - 20

The mushrooms are growing so fast. This week I'm going to see if we can eat as many as I harvest. Wish us luck!

Our First Wine Cap Mushrooms!

After a wet week, our wine cap mushrooms are popping up all over the place underneath our big Norway pine. (I spread spawn on the hardwood mulch last spring.) Looks like I'll be cooking a lot of recipes featuring mushrooms next week. I can't wait to taste these new 'shrooms!

We also have a few oyster mushrooms coming in so I harvested a handful and fried them up with some potatoes, ham, onions and peppers. Delicious!

I really love growing mushrooms!

On Our Menu: May 7 - 13

Last week I made a lot a Asian dinners which prompted a trip to our local Asian market. I tell you, shopping in that store is like going on a little ethnic adventure. I slowly browsed the unique items in each and every aisle. Many things I had never seen before and I look forward to going back and experimenting with some unknown foods. A kind young store clerk guided me through the aisles and helped me find everything on my list: lemongrass, fermented soy beans, tamarind pulp... He was SO helpful! Being themushroom lover that I am, I was most excited about finding some unique, fresh mushrooms. The back of the store also had a little takeout food counter so I'm looking forward to picking up some tasty eats on my next trip. So, what did I make with my goods from the Asian market? 

Asian Beef with Basil
First of all, this recipe turned out looking nothing like the picture. The lemongrass from the marinade was a dominate flavor so if you're not of fan of that, I would skip this reci…

His Favorite Toy

A few weeks ago I was working out in the garden and Buster was frolicking in the yard. Frolicking is the perfect word to describe his actions. He was tossing a cream-colored-something up in the air, pouncing on it, then tearing around the yard at top speed with it in his mouth. I assumed he had found a deer bone. (Gross, I know, but dogs do like their bones!) Upon closer inspection, this is what he was really playing with:

I busted out laughing. We have no idea where this crazy plastic fish came from. Our closest neighbor is 1/4 mile away. Did he swipe it from their yard? Or did he unearth it from the field... We find all kinds of artifacts in our soil. Wherever it came from, this silly fish quickly became Buster's favorite outside toy. A silly toy for a silly dog.

Here's another reason why Buster is silly; he sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating!

On Our Menu: April 30 - May 6

Last week I tried out 3 new recipes. (Click the title names for the recipes.)

Kamut Salad
This was my first time having kamut, an heirloom wheat very similar to wheat berries. The salad consisted of kamut, strawberries, spinach, and oranges (I used mandarin slices since the grocery store didn't have blood oranges). The dressing was tasty but very mild. If I make this again, I will use less kamut (it's very filling and chewy) and hopefully the dressing will stand out more. I think 1 to 1-1/2 cups of kamut would be sufficient.

Potato, Asparagus, & Mushroom Hash
The flavor of this dish was incredible! To cut down on cooking time, I microwaved the potatoes about 6 minutes until tender. I also used 1/2 tsp. dried ground sage instead of fresh and that was more than enough. I will most definitely make this again. My husband and I just had the hash for dinner (no egg or toast) and didn't have any leftovers. It was that good!

Whole Wheat Fettucine with Arugula Pesto
I skipped making …