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BSBP Beads In the Mail!

In case you didn't notice the big button on the right side of the blog, I'm participating in the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by Lori Anderson. 400 people from all over the WORLD are participating in this beading challenge. Lori personally selects pairs of people who will exchange beads then create jewelry from those beads. My partner is Marion of Shade Tree Studio. She used to be a graphic artist. Coincidence? Probably not. Lori is sneaky like that. My beads for Marion are in the mail. Here's a little sneak peek:

Sorry - I didn't want to spoil Marion's fun! 

Our reveal date for showing off our jewelry is July 28th. To read more about the Bead Soup Blog Party, click here.

On Our Menu: June 24 - July 1

I debated about even posting our menu this late in the week but I wanted to talk about a few things I made last week so, yeah, well, here goes. 
(Click the titles for the recipes.)
Spiced-Tofu Sandwiches This recipe made a lot sandwiches for 2 people so we had leftovers for multiple days. I have a feeling we won't be eating tofu again for awhile. LOL. Christian complained that the tofu was too thick. I would agree with that. Once you piled on the other fixin's it was hard to get your mouth around the whole thing. I marinated the tofu overnight and it still didn't have a lot of flavor. Although, the BBQ/Mayo/Spice sauce was amazing!
Pork Fajitas with Smoky Cherry Salsa The cherry salsa was a really nice switch from the typical fajita/mexican flavors. I was VERY disappointed that I forgot my lunch on the kitchen counter and these leftovers went to waste. But, that's what can happen when you get up at 3:45AM...
Walnut Taco "Meat" Honest-to-goodness, Christian had no id…

Fishing on Lake Michigan

A few weeks ago Christian and I took off of work to go fishing on Lake Michigan with Christian's former coworker. We met Steve and his friend John at 5AM and headed out onto the lake from the Seagull Marina in Two Harbors. The weather was perfect with just a few small waves. 

We started fishing in water over 140 feet deep. Steve worked on setting up the poles while we tried to stay out of the way. We had our first fish on before all of the poles were even in the water! Christian was closest so he grabbed the pole out of the holder and started reeling it in. A lake trout! John commented that they didn't taste very good so we threw it back.

In no time at all I got to reel in my first fish! The king salmon put up one heck of a fight. Before the trip I was worried that I wouldn't be strong enough to reel in the fish by myself but I did it without a problem! (I did get a blister though. How pathetic.) Christian also landed a (much smaller) king salmon shortly after my fish. We we…

Simple Summer

It's officially summer and we have the high temperatures to match. I haven't taken Buster for a walk all week because it's been over 80 degrees INSIDE our house. He loves to RUN and I was worried that he wouldn't be able to get cooled back down because we don't have air conditioning. We have fans in every room but they only help so much. If it would stop storming at night we could open up the windows to air the house out...

Anyways, here's a glimpse at a few simple pieces of jewelry I strung for summer:

A mulit-strand turquoise and wooden bead necklace and a tagua nut bracelet with a cute turtle toggle. Nothing fancy but that's how summer should be! This week I also got my very first pedicure ever – turquoise nails! I love 'em!

And here's what the garden looks like these days:

I've been harvesting strawberries, salad greens and a few herbs but that's it so far. It's hard to remember that it's only June with how hot it's been.

On Our Menu: June 18 - 24

Did you have a good weekend? We got some much-needed rain which made weeding the garden so much easier than trying to pull the pesky little plants out of concrete-like soil. 

Yesterday we got out kayaking again. This time I brought along our new waterproof camera. I found out that's it's very hard to take photos from the kayak because it doesn't stay pointing in the directing that you want it. Here a just a few shots from the water:

The photo quality is not nearly as nice as my other camera but at least I don't have to worry about it getting wet!

Last week I tried a bunch of new recipes. Here are my thoughts on what worked and what didn't. (Click the headings for the recipes)

Sweet and Spicy Crock Pot Ribs
I don't eat a lot of meat but I love me some BBQ ribs. This was a super-easy way to prepare ribs. I used the Stubb's Sweet Heat BBQ sauce but not the dry pork rub. The ribs were tender and spicy enough to need a cold beer to cool down my mouth. The weird thing…

On Our Menu: June 11 - 17

What a crazy weekend! Thursday night we headed to Two Rivers, WI and by 5AM Friday morning we were on a fishing boat out in Lake Michigan. We caught some BIG fish (more on that later this week) then drove back home Friday afternoon. On Saturday we headed up to my grandparent's cottage and played in the lake all day since it was 90 degrees. On Sunday we took the kayaks out on the river right by our house and got a nice workout to prepare for our trip to the Apostle Islands. Needless to say, I am POOPED today! Work hard but play harder: the story of our lives.

Last week I tried a yummy new pizza recipe: Flatbread Pizzas with Romesco Sauce, Portobello Mushrooms, Wisconsin Mozzarella and Smoked Gouda. This was my first time trying smoked gouda and I really liked it. We had some leftover so we had it on our fishing trip with pepperoni slices and crackers. That was really good too! Okay - back to the pizza: the romesco sauce was very easy to put together. I used regular fresh garlic inst…

Mason Jar Mini Bar

I love to cook a variety of different things and the bags of whole grains in my cupboards were starting to get out of control. I was just asking for a package of millet, couscous or kamut to open up and spill out over the entire kitchen. We have a lot of blue mason jars left over from our wedding so I thought the grains would look great in the antique glass. Just one problem - I didn't want to hide the pretty jars in the cupboard. I've been looking and looking for the perfect piece of furniture to hold the jars and I finally found it: a solid wood mini bar... from a thrift store... for $30!

As my mom would say, "Good things come to those that wait!"

On Our Menu: June 4 - 10

Later this week Christian and I are taking off of work to go charter fishing on Lake Michigan. Since the marina is over 2 hours away from our house and our "captain" wants to head out at 5 AM, we decided to make a mini vacation out of the adventure and stay in a little inn close to the marina the night before. We'll be fishing for lake trout and salmon so I'm planning on grilling some fish this weekend. (Fingers crossed!) Have you ever been charter fishing? This will be our first time but I've wanted to go for over 10 years now!

Here's what I'm cooking this week:

Sweet Spring

I was outside shooting some new items for my etsy store when I noticed this little bee close by enjoying the sweet delights of spring. 

What a nice reminder to stop and smell the roses... or whatever flowers happen to be available!

This guy was also nearby enjoying the intermittent sunshine. I love his big ears.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!