BSBP 7: My Beads Have Arrived!

I actually received my BSBP beads from my partner Christina a long time ago but life has been busy so I apologize for the delay! My reveal will be on time though so don't fret. 

My beads came in a pretty little box with a greeting card and some Valentine's Day treats. (How did she know I have a sweet tooth?)

When I opened up the box I gasped. Look at these beautiful beads!

Seriously, it's like Christina has known me for years. I love natural, earthly colors. And the pendant - it's a Fair Trade ceramic Kazuri Bead from Kenya! So perfect. I can tell that Christina really spent a lot of time on my blog getting to know me and my love for the outdoors and my work for the environment. What a thoughtful set of beads she sent me. And the torch fired beads (in upper right) - she MADE those herself!!! I feel so spoiled. 

Thank you, Christina, for such an amazing set of beads to work with. 

Our reveal date is April 6th so check back then to see what I made.


So very pretty Kelly- can't wait to see what you dream up.
Kathy said…
What a perfect bead soup for you! Can't wait to see what you make with it!
Wings N Scales said…
Hey Kelly... So glad you love your mix. You are so right on me checking out all of your pictures on your blog and your flickr to really get a feel of what you would like. I cant wait to see what you put together. I am actually finished with my soup mix you gave me...I just love what I made...too bad you have to wait til April to check it out...hehehe...THANKS...Chris
coffeeaddict said…
these are gorgeous! I love the rich warm tones and the deep saturated three dimentional colours! Wonderful soup!

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