One Year Ago

A year ago we were canoeing down the Little Wolf River in near 80 degree weather.

The leaves were starting to unfurl on the trees as summer birds flitted through the trees. Afterwards we had a cookout on our deck and it was so warm that the cheese slices were starting to melt. We broke records for high temps.

And this year...

We're still getting snow every few days. I've never had so many horrible drives to and from work in one winter. This is the road right by our house (that's our place on the left). I was sitting in my car trying to figure out if I could make it through the drifts. (I did.) I need to start planning our garden for this year but it's hard to get in the right mindset when everything is buried in a few feet of snow!


Kathy said…
Oh my goodness, be safe! We had a rather mild winter here in VA, but in March, it has been so wintry. We had 15 inches in one storm and then 6 inches last week. They are calling for more snow this weekend. BOO!!
coffeeaddict said…
it the worst winter I can ever remember :-( hold tight and dream of warmer days, that's what I'm doing!
Happy weekend to you and your hubby (if the weather turns sour, you can snuggle and cuddle ;-P
Amy Powell said…
oh goodness. that's an intense difference. also, I would have no idea how to drive in that!

have a good weekend, girl :)
Despite all that snow you have sun and blue skies- that can't be fun to drive thru though- hopefully spring is right around the corner.

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