Meet Winston

Christian and I added another fur-baby to our family on Tuesday. Winston was a stray that was brought into Oconto Humane Society and I first saw him posted on (WARNING: Do not go on that site if you have a soft spot in your heart for pound puppies!)

He is the biggest sweetheart - loves cuddles and is very laid back. (A nice balance to Buster's crazy.) He's estimated to be about 5 years old and a border collie/retriever mix. He's all black except for a small patch of white on his chest and his fur is very curly. He's a bit overweight but we'll whip him into shape :)  He enthusiastically made it the whole way on our 2 mile walk last night but crashed out as soon as we got home. LOL.

Winston on the ride to his forever home.

Just 2 days after bringing him home, he already has a huge hold on my heart. 


Good gravy he IS adorable. Nothing in the world beats pound dogs- Winston definitely looks right at home.
Kathy said…
Aww, Kelly, he is adorable! What a beautiful mix of breeds. I love both goldens and borders, so what a perfect blend. He's gorgeous and looks so sweet. Congratulations!
coffeeaddict said…
Kelly, he's adorable! It always warms my heart whenever I read about such acts of kindness and bravery.
Congratulations on the new baby!! You are so right... how could a sweetheart like that end up at the shelter?? So hard to believe... We will definitely be adopting as well. Sounds like such a great mix! Border Collies are supposed to be wicked smart. I want to say that's on our list of prospective dogs, but you never know who ends up tugging on your heart so we'll see!

Congrats again!

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