On Our Menu: April 1 - 7

Like a lot of men, Christian likes meat. Me - not so much. I would never go to a restaurant and order a steak. Although, I do love BBQ ribs. When Christian asked what I was making for dinner last night and I replied "meatloaf" he was immediately skeptical. And for good reason. I was making a vegetarian meatloaf with walnuts, lentils and loads of veggies. And you know what - he liked it! He probably would have liked real meatloaf better but his arteries (and the planet) will thank me later. 

Here's what I'm cooking this week:


coffeeaddict said…
I have a theory that boys were just raised to believe veggies are yucky. Mr. C practically ate no veggies when we met except green lettuce in a salad, tomatoes and maybe some bell peppers (stuffed with meat of course). Now he knows veggies can be "okay" and he even eats my veggy patties though he say they're side dish not a replacemet for his steak. Just gimme time ;-)

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