On Our Menu: April 22 - 28

For my BSBP 7 reveal, please go HERE.

Life suddenly got a little crazy. My car needed repairs so we dropped it off at Christian's friend's auto body shop on our way down to Madison for the weekend. (photos to come.) We figured it would be no big deal not to have my car for a week, that is, until Christian's car broke down yesterday at the most unfortunate time. (more on that later this week). So now we're down to the monster truck. (It's not really a monster truck but it's jacked way up, rumbles loud, and is impossible to get into when you've had a few to drink.) Not the most earth-friendly thing to be driving 100-some miles per day to get to and from work. That's life though, right? Just have to roll with the punches sometimes...

Even though I didn't post a menu last week I did try out a yummy new recipe: Rice & Bean Casserole with Guacamole. Very easy to throw together but it takes 90 min. in the oven so plan ahead... or pig out on chips and salsa while you wait. I used 1/2 the amount of salt and the recipe still turned out great.

Here's what I'm cooking this week:


Hi Kelly, the link is broken.
I would love to get the recipe.

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