Spring Migration

Christian and I were outside this morning around 8am (we both have off work today) and we could hear "honking" in the distance. We waited with our heads tipped toward the heavens. A little while later wave after wave after wave of birds trailed through the sky. I have never seen so many birds. There were THOUSANDS! Tundra swans? Snow Geese? I have no idea what they were but I feel so blessed that out of all of the places the birds could have flown over during their migration, they picked OUR farm. How cool! 

I know these pictures are really terrible but at least you can get a little idea of what we saw. The streams of birds flying by lasted for at least 5 minutes. I was amazed how well we could hear the honking despite how high up the birds were.


Amy Powell said…
oh that's such a cool experience! and what a great way to spend a morning off :)
coffeeaddict said…
amazing! I love how they fly in a single file :-)

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