Forbidden Food

Christian is pretty tolerant of all the crazy foods I make but there is one thing that he forbids me to do: put broccoli on pizza. But, you see, there's a broccoli pizza that I absolutely love. So, last night while Christian was out of town, I made a broccoli pizza just for myself.... and it was heavenly!

Is there a food that you love that your significant other doesn't? Christian really likes meatloaf but I can't stand it. So I will usually make him meatloaf for his birthday as a special treat. 


Tima Murrell said…
I LOVE broccoli on my pizza. Something my entire family thinks is gross. So glad to see I'm not the only one. =)
Kathy said…
I have pretty much eliminated beef from my diet, but I still cook it for my husband and sons. I sometimes will eat it, but don't love it anymore. If it's just me home for supper, I stir-fry a big platter of veggies for my meal. The others wouldn't exactly call that a meal!

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