Hair Model for a Day

I tried out a new hair stylist in May. While Patty was cutting my hair she asked if I ever had highlights. When I told her that I've never dyed my hair Patty exclaimed, "You have virgin hair?!!" LOL. Well, I guess so... Patty was very excited because she was going to be testing a new line of dyes and needed a hair model. After some convincing, I agreed to do it. 

Here's the before picture (aka: the world's most unflattering picture of me that could double as a mug shot):

Horrible lighting, early Monday morning, a little bit nervous....

And here's after!

I just love my new color! The under-color (is that a word?) is a deep violet which adds nice depth.

The highlights are both blond and bright red.

Everyone says that once you start dying your hair you won't go back. We'll see... In the meantime, I sure am loving my new hair!


Kathy said…
Wow, Kelly, your hair looks beautiful! I had to re-read the part when you said violet...what?! But it works! All of it together really looks nice. I have virgin hair too. Maybe someday...well, definitely when the greys start coming in!
Amy Powell said…
it looks fabulous! I'm dying my hair for the first time in a few years this Friday & am a little nervous, but excited too.
You- your hair color looks so beautiful and fresh!

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