On My Menu: Liquid Diet

This is what I will be eating/drinking for the next 2 days:

That's it. No solid foods - only clear liquids. This isn't a crazy diet or cleanse. Well, it's kind of a cleanse but not really the good kind. At noon on Wednesday I have to start drinking the big jug of medicine which will make my insides rumble until there's nothing left. The ginger ale is for the nausea that is likely to follow. On Thursday morning at 8am I am swallowing a pill that is a camera which will take pictures as it travels my GI tract.

Why am I going through all this? Because I've had undiagnosed pain in my lower right abdomen for over a year. Because I had a colonoscopy that showed microscopic colitis near my appendix. Because I have inflammation in my body that is coming from somewhere which may mean that I have an autoimmune disease. And because this magic little camera pill is the only way to get into my small intestine to take a peek. 

I've gone for 1 1/2 days without food before but never 3. I'm already so very hungry but I have a feeling that I will finally realize what real hunger feels like. Please pray that the capsule endoscopy will finally reveal some answers. I am so ready for answers!


Mia Malene said…
I think I'd die if that was me, haha. I've done a few liquid diets before but my mood hit rock bottom every single time so I decided that I'll never do it again. Good luck with it!
Kelly J. R. said…
I can't believe how forgetful and spacey not eating has made me. I'm also very lightheaded. Now I know why movie stars pass out on the red carpet!
Kathy said…
Oh my, I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. But hopefully the camera will bring some answers and you will ultimately find relief. I deal with chronic pain on a daily basis, so I know the frustration that can come with not knowing WHY. Praying this all goes quickly for you!

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