Spring Wildflower Hike with a Purpose

Last Saturday I led a group of people on a wildflower hike at Tellock's Hill Wood State Natural Area. The day started with rain so I was panicking that no one would show up. A few people canceled but twelve people braved the cool, windy weather to enjoy this special place.

Tellock's Hill Woods State Natural Area

A retired DNR gentleman co-led the hike with me and shared his love and knowledge of wildflowers and trees.

Tellock's Hill Woods State Natural Area

The woods is filled with giant Ash, Beech and Hemlock trees that leave you craning your neck in wonder.

Tellock's Hill Woods State Natural Area

Glance toward the ground and you'll see Dutchman's Breeches

Tellock's Hill Woods State Natural Area

Trout Lily

Tellock's Hill Woods State Natural Area

Squirrel's Corn, Hepatica, Spring Beauties, Bloodroot, Trillium, and the list goes on! We made our way through the woods and came out on the southern boundary of the woods. This road marks the dividing line between the Natural Area and a proposed industrial sand mine. 

Tellock's Hill Woods State Natural Area

Since August of 2012 we have been fighting to stop the sand mine from going in. The mining company wants to completely remove the southern part of the hill that Tellock's Hill Woods sits on. 160 acres would look something like this:

I can't even imagine how the peacefulness of Tellock's Woods will be ruined if this industrial sand mine goes in. That's why I led this spring wildflower hike: to raise awareness about the threat and to make people realize what a special place Tellock's is and why it needs to be protected.


Clair said…
What a good fight you are fighting! And it sounds like it was a pretty day...so much beauty beneath our feet!

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