Today's Gear

The capsule endoscopy is in progress...

This is the gear I have to wear for 8 hours as the camera travels through me. The belt has electrodes in it and the "purse" is a battery pack and photo receiver. There's 3 diff. lights that I have to check to make sure things are still working. That's it. Piece of cake!

The nurse had to tape the belt on me because it wouldn't go small enough. I'm sure not eating for a few days had something to do with that. Talk about quick weight-loss! I think I lost 5 pounds. 

I finally got to eat a little something for lunch: saltines and applesauce. Nothing too crazy because I don't want to shock my stomach. Yesterday I was so hungry that when I was feeding the dogs my mouth was watering. And then I looked at a bowl of onions and wanted to bite into one like an apple! 


Kathy said…
I'm so glad that you can have a sense of humor about this! I was cracking up at the thought of your mouth watering while feeding the dogs! LOL I do hope that your mini camera solves the mystery.
Amy Powell said…
I hope it all went well & that the problem is found. sounds like no fun...

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