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Summer Storm Clouds

On Thursday nights I pitch horseshoes on a bar league. Last night we had some wicked storms roll in while we were out playing. Check out these clouds!

The black clouds would roll in and then torrential rain would fall as we sprinted for the bar. The rain would last 10 minutes and then the sun would come out so we would head back outside to continue our game. Then the clouds would roll back in, the rain would start and so on. By the time the third storm hit it was after 9pm and we still had to throw 2 more games. We decided just to call it a night. 

We got over an inch of rain last night. Our spring has been so wet that parts of the state are flooding right now and farmers can't plant their fields. Rain is good but not that much rain.

On Our Menu: June 24 - 30

The strawberries in our garden are ripe so some of our meals this week will feature the tasty little red fruit. I have a few desserts planned with strawberries and rhubarb as well. 

Here's what's on our menu:

Solo Road Trip

Christian had to work last weekend so I went on a solo road trip to the heart of Wisconsin. My first stop was Prairie Nursery, a company that specializes in native plants for your garden or prairie.

Each spring and fall the nursery hosts a tour of their display gardens. 

We meandered down the paths and learned about many different native flowers and grasses. Prairie Smoke is favorite!

So is Spiderwort!

After the tour I did some shopping for a few plants to take home.

Among other things I bought a False Blue Indigo which you can see in this photo (They are the bigger bushes with blue flowers.) 

Indigo grows very slowly so it will be quite a few years before mine gets that big but the flowers are stunning so the wait will be worth it.

After my time at the nursery I started to make my way back home. While driving through the rolling hills, I saw this sign:

I love baked goods so I followed the directions until I ended up at an Amish farm. The family had a little room off of their kitchen and they…

It's Been A Long Week...

Winston thinks so too!

Yarn Along: The Dive Lily

I'm linking up with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.

Knitting: Lily Cardigan I haven't made much progress on this cardigan since I last posted of picture of it which was in late February. Yikes! To be honest, I haven't been doing much knitting at all but hopefully I'm ready to get back into it. I have the bottom of the left panel, right panel, back panel and part of one sleeve done.  Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers in Colorway 2425 (love this color!)  Pattern: Lily by by Lene Holme Samsøe
Reading: The Dive from Clausen's Pier by Ann Packer Carrie's fiancé dives into shallow water and ends up a quadriplegic. Their relationship was struggling before the accident but now Carrie feels obligated to stay with Mike. The first half of the book is about her mental battle with what to do, what is right to do, and what she really wants to do. The second half begins with what Carrie decides. I won't tell you because I don't want to ruin it. While the topic of the book i…

On Our Menu: June 17 - 23

Last week I only saw Christian for a total of a few hours because he was working so much. He was gone before I got up in the morning and didn't get home until I was in bed. When I finally got to spend some time with him on Sunday afternoon, I actually teared up because I missed him so much. Even though we don't spend a lot of time doing things together during the week, just having him near is enough. Funny how I need to be reminded of that every now and then.

Because Christian wasn't home for dinner I didn't cook as much as I had planned. Instead, I ate a lot of salads. What is your go-to quick meal when you're all alone? I did try 2 new recipes, though. I made a Carrot-Ricotta Quiche. Easy to put together but the shredded carrots didn't cook through so the texture was weird. Also, the flavor was bland. Not recommended. 

And now onto the good stuff: Frozen Peanut Butter-Pretzel Pie - a must make! Frozen vanilla yogurt mixed with peanut butter and chopped pretzels…

Garden Update: June 15, 2013

This year's garden is off to a rocky start. I always plant Memorial Day weekend (and did so again this year) but the next week we were hit with very low nighttime temps. Corn and onions were the only things that popped up. So, I planted the whole garden again. Talk about discouraging! Here's a pic of the garden today:

The foreground looks pretty good but those are the perennial herbs, rhubarb and strawberries. I actually lost 4 of my herbs to the long winter and had to replant those. Way in the back of the garden you can see a few rows of peas. The rabbits still haven't found those so hopefully we get some this year. And that's it for now!

Thrifty Thursday: Headboard Turned Trellis

Every year I plant morning glories alongside our house and every year I try to cobble together some type of trellis for them to climb on. Christian said he would weld an obelisk for me but he's just so busy. A few weekends ago I spotted an old wood and iron headboard and footboard at a rummage sale for just $4. Hmmm.... Looks like a trellis to me! 

Christian drilled some holes into the legs and stuck some rebar rods into them. This allowed us to anchor the headboard into the ground quite easily. I'm not sure if it will stay upright under the weight of the flowers but I can always stake it. I haven't decided yet where I'm going to stick the footboard. It's the same style as the headboard, just a little shorter.
I can't wait for my flowers to start crawling up my fancy new trellis!

On Our Menu: June 10 - 16

Do you ever have one of those weeks where it seems like everything goes wrong and the weight of the world is on your shoulders? That was last week for me. Rough. I think I'm slowly healing but it's still going to take some more time. 

Enough of that. Let's talk about food! Last week I made a Spinach Salad with Avocado-Ranch Dressing. The actual salad was kind of bland but the dressing was great - a creamy healthy dressing that you don't feel guilty about eating! The creaminess comes from blended avocado. Don't like avocados? I promise you that you can't taste it. 

I also made Roasted Vegetable Linguine with Torn Fresh Basil. Doesn't it look delicious? Of course, my dish looked nothing like that! In glancing at the recipe again I realize that I used over twice as much pasta. Hmmm. Could be the reason why it was so bland! We have wild asparagus growing in our ditches so it was fun to go out and pick some to use for this dish. 

Here's a slow-cooker recipe tha…

On Our Menu: June 3 - 9

Christian's family was visiting us over the weekend and I tried out a new desert that was a big hit: Mini Frozen Baklava

They look fancy but are super easy to make. Everyone was asking for the recipe. They are a perfect summer treat.

Here's what I'm cooking this week: