On Our Menu: June 17 - 23

Last week I only saw Christian for a total of a few hours because he was working so much. He was gone before I got up in the morning and didn't get home until I was in bed. When I finally got to spend some time with him on Sunday afternoon, I actually teared up because I missed him so much. Even though we don't spend a lot of time doing things together during the week, just having him near is enough. Funny how I need to be reminded of that every now and then.

Because Christian wasn't home for dinner I didn't cook as much as I had planned. Instead, I ate a lot of salads. What is your go-to quick meal when you're all alone? I did try 2 new recipes, though. I made a Carrot-Ricotta Quiche. Easy to put together but the shredded carrots didn't cook through so the texture was weird. Also, the flavor was bland. Not recommended. 

And now onto the good stuff: Frozen Peanut Butter-Pretzel Pie - a must make! Frozen vanilla yogurt mixed with peanut butter and chopped pretzels and served in a chocolate cookie pie crust - you can't beat that! I added a drizzle of chocolate on top of the pie for a little extra fanciness. The peanut butter kind of hardens when you ad it to the frozen yogurt so you end up with yummy chunks of peanut butter. I have a few ideas for making this even better... and a little healthier too. I'll let you know what I come up with.

Here's what I'm cooking this week:


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