Solo Road Trip

Christian had to work last weekend so I went on a solo road trip to the heart of Wisconsin. My first stop was Prairie Nursery, a company that specializes in native plants for your garden or prairie.

Each spring and fall the nursery hosts a tour of their display gardens. 

We meandered down the paths and learned about many different native flowers and grasses. Prairie Smoke is favorite!

So is Spiderwort!

After the tour I did some shopping for a few plants to take home.

Among other things I bought a False Blue Indigo which you can see in this photo (They are the bigger bushes with blue flowers.) 

Indigo grows very slowly so it will be quite a few years before mine gets that big but the flowers are stunning so the wait will be worth it.

After my time at the nursery I started to make my way back home. While driving through the rolling hills, I saw this sign:

I love baked goods so I followed the directions until I ended up at an Amish farm. The family had a little room off of their kitchen and they were selling fresh baked bread, donuts, cookies, and chocolate candies. We have a large Amish community near our farm and I never pass up an opportunity to buy fresh baked bread. I also bought a fry pie which had a raspberry/blackberry filling. Yum!

I swear that thing weighed 1/2 a pound!

Driving on... By this time it was well after noon and I needed to find a place for lunch. A sign for free wifi lured me in to the Pioneer Pub in Wild Rose. I decided to sit outside on the deck. What a treat! The deck is two stories above a little lake and the view was so peaceful.

And that was the last stop on my little road trip because I had to get home to the dogs. I am continually reminded of how beautiful Wisconsin is and how lucky I am to live here. Christian and I have a vacation coming up and we're heading to the "driftless region" in southwest Wisconsin. That area was not flattened by the glaciers and has some beautiful hills. They're also known for their beer and cheese. I can't wait!


Adrian Cotter said…
Looked like a fun day!
Amy Powell said…
what a fun day! I love that porch you ended up on. so perfect.

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