Summer Storm Clouds

On Thursday nights I pitch horseshoes on a bar league. Last night we had some wicked storms roll in while we were out playing. Check out these clouds!

The black clouds would roll in and then torrential rain would fall as we sprinted for the bar. The rain would last 10 minutes and then the sun would come out so we would head back outside to continue our game. Then the clouds would roll back in, the rain would start and so on. By the time the third storm hit it was after 9pm and we still had to throw 2 more games. We decided just to call it a night. 

We got over an inch of rain last night. Our spring has been so wet that parts of the state are flooding right now and farmers can't plant their fields. Rain is good but not that much rain.


adrian cotter said…
Aside from fall colors, this is the thing I miss most about being in California. Dramatic storm weather is pretty rare here.
Kathy said…
WOW! That is really cool. We just don't get clouds like that here. Too many mountains to break up the clouds here. Great pictures!
Clair said…
Beautiful beautiful!! Sorry to hear you were rained out, but I got a chuckle imagining you running in and out. =)
Victoria said…
Wow that looks cool and a little bit scary :)
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Amy Powell said…
such cool clouds!

also, a horseshoe league sounds like a ton of fun :)

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