Thrifty Thursday: Headboard Turned Trellis

Every year I plant morning glories alongside our house and every year I try to cobble together some type of trellis for them to climb on. Christian said he would weld an obelisk for me but he's just so busy. A few weekends ago I spotted an old wood and iron headboard and footboard at a rummage sale for just $4. Hmmm.... Looks like a trellis to me! 

Christian drilled some holes into the legs and stuck some rebar rods into them. This allowed us to anchor the headboard into the ground quite easily. I'm not sure if it will stay upright under the weight of the flowers but I can always stake it. I haven't decided yet where I'm going to stick the footboard. It's the same style as the headboard, just a little shorter.

I can't wait for my flowers to start crawling up my fancy new trellis!


Super smart- gotta love that!

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