SW WI Beer and Cheese Tour - Day 2

Read about Day 1 of our vacation here.

From Albany we drove 15 minutes south to Monroe where we toured the Roth CreameryGreen County in Wisconsin is known for it's cheese due in part to the fertile soil and the high quality of milk from our cows. The Swiss (the country, not the cheese) cheesemakers at Roth produce over 38,000 pounds of cheese a day! It was neat to see cheese made on such a large scale. 

Here the workers are pouring cheese into molds which will compress into blocks of cheese.

Brining Tanks - it really stunk in this room!

In true Swiss fashion, our guide ended the tour by yodeling. Roth also has an awesome store with cheeses from all over the world. They have numerous sale bins so we loaded up the cooler with a lot of different varieties. My favorite was Smoked Rofumo. 

Next we headed to Potosi for lunch at the Potosi Brewing Company and a tour of the National Brewing Museum.

Founded in 1852, at one time Potosi was the 5th largest brewery in Wisconsin. Before refrigeration the beer was stored in a cave to keep it cool. 

Potosi fell into disrepair and wasn't in production for almost 30 years. Restoration of the brewery began in 1995 and we can now find Potosi beer on our Wisconsin supermarket shelves once again.

For lunch we enjoyed delicious burgers and beer in the restaurant. I also had the beer cheese soup which was amazing. The wooden bar was hand-carved by one of the owners and is a sight to see. And the bathrooms had custom beer label wallpaper - very cool!

Next we drove to Wyalusing State Park on the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers where we would spend the next 2 nights. Check out the view from our campsite!

After setting up camp we set off on a hike to burn off some of those beer calories. 

A ways down the trail a steep ladder led us up the bluff to Treasure Cave.

Sadly, we didn't have flashlights so we didn't crawl inside but the hike was still worth it.

Back at our campsite our day wound down with a beautiful sunset over the Mississippi River valley.

Stay tuned for Day 3 of our SW WI Beer and Cheese Tour.


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Very interesting places!

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