SW WI Beer and Cheese Tour - Day 3

On the third day of our vacation we climbed out our tent early in the morning and felt like we were in an airplane.

The clouds were completely covering the river valley down below. We ate breakfast sitting atop the picnic table so we could enjoy the view that much better.

Our original plan for the day was to rent canoes and paddle the water trail through the Mississippi backwaters but the river was too high and dangerous. Plan B: Hike!

Just a short drive into Iowa took us to Effigy Mounds National Monument. (free admission!) We set off down the trail to Hanging Rock which is a 7-mile hike (one-way) from the visitor center. The woods were so lush and beautiful and the trails were in great shape.

We were hiking high up on a bluff right next to the Mississippi River.

The forest was loaded with wildflowers and woodpeckers.

And I got to see my very first land snail!

Seriously, seeing that snail made my day. 

And finally we made it to Hanging Rock!

We passed other lookout areas along the trail but this was the only one that had a really good view of the Mississippi.

Effigy Mounds was a really cool park but you have to be willing to put a few miles on your boots. Most of the trails were on the longer side and since the visitor center is at the base of the bluff, the trails start by going straight up. In my opinion, it really wasn't that bad. And like every park that we visit, the more miles you put on, the more solitude you find. The only other person we saw on the hike to Hanging Rock (once we passed the closer lookouts) was a ranger out doing a tree survey.

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