Thrifty Thursday: Antique Butcher Block

I have been looking for an antique butcher block for years. They are hard to come by and when we do see one at an auction we always get outbid. In fact, I was at an auction a few weeks ago and Christian gave me permission to bid up to $350. I thought I would get it for sure. Well, someone else bid $350 so I would have had to bid $375 to stay in. Since I had reached my limit I bowed out and was so mad that I missed out on yet another butcher block. 

One of my mom's favorite sayings is, "Good things come to those who wait." She is so right. Shortly after the aforementioned auction my parents saw a listing on Craig's list for a block about an hour from my house. So one stormy Friday morning I made the drive to go check it out. The antique block was exactly what I was looking for! The block was used in the 1930's by a butcher in Milwaukee. You can see deep cleaver marks and the top is worn and wavy showing it's heavy use throughout the years. I love that it came from Milwaukee because Christian is from there and my dad grew up there as well.

I finally have my own butcher block!

And the best part - I got it for $125!


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