Birthday Beer Boat Tour

Instead of gifts, Christian and I take each other on a surprise adventure for our birthdays. We never tell each other where we're going - just what to wear and what to pack. (In past years I've taken him to a water park, biking on the Elroy-Sparta trail, go-karting and a demolition derby, zip lining, etc.) This year for Christian's birthday I told him we needed to leave home at 6pm and it wouldn't be strenuous and he didn't need to bring anything. 

I enjoy hearing what Christian thinks we are going to do but this year he was tight-lipped. He said he would tell me when we got there if he guessed correctly. I had planned for us to take an evening boat ride on the Chain of Lakes. Central Waters Brewery hosted the excursion and I also invited a few of his friends and my brother to join us.

As we arrived at Clearwater Harbor he saw a guy standing on the curb with a sign that said, 

Clearwater Harbor Parking -------> 
Central Waters Event  

We parked the car and got our tickets to get on the paddlewheel boat. Christian remarked, "I wonder what the Central Waters event is...." I just smiled. His friends had not arrived yet so we stood in line by ourselves which worked out perfectly. 

Boarding began so we made our way up to the top deck where Central Waters had 4 beers on tap. 

I asked Christian, "So, did you figure it out yet?" He replied, "Is this the Central Waters Event?" LOL. Yep. 

Shortly after we got our first beers Christian's friends arrived on the boat. I said, "Look who we ran into!" Christian thought it was just a coincidence that they were there too. He didn't figure it out until later that I had planned for them to be there to celebrate his birthday. Too cute.

The boat cruised around the beautiful Chain while we enjoyed as much beer as we wanted. The weather was perfect and so was the company.

As the sun set we made our way back to the harbor where we carried our party into the nearby bar. The rest of the night slipped away among the company of good friends and cold drinks. The perfect summer night.

Do you have any unique birthday traditions? I would love to hear.


Amy Powell said…
well that sounds perfect & now I'm searching to see if something like this exists near me... my Christian's birthday is coming up in about 2 months. gotta get on it!
coffeeaddict said…
What an excellent idea for presents, we've got far too many things anyway. We don't have any special traditions though I usually cook and bake something special for my hubby and he knows a helium ballon is the perfect gift for Valentines, Christmas, birthday, anyday,.... I love them. Specially the big super kitchy ones
fjord girl said…
Looks and sounds wonderful. What a lovely way to spend a summers birthday. Tradition: The birthday person gets to pick what's for dinner and the cake- since we are 6people in the fam, we usually make the birthday meal at home- but it's always a fun day.

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