SW WI Beer and Cheese Tour - Day 5

We started the final day of our vacation off with a hearty country breakfast. Dave and Donna of the Little House on the Farm B&B delivered quite the spread! I loved the handwritten menu.

Egg & Potato Skillet made with farm fresh eggs. Maple-Glazed Seasoned Pork Patties (locally raised meat). Puff Pancakes served with pure maple syrup from nearby Green's Sugar Bush. Fresh Fruit. Fresh Squeezed OJ. Milk - locally produced & processed. And coffee. 

What a feast! The puff pancakes were my favorite.

After stuffing ourselves silly we started the long drive back home. Our route took us right past Cave of the Mounds so we decided to stop for a cave tour. I toured the caves when I was little, but in all honesty, I didn't remember anything. 

This area was called the Narrows and the path got very tight. I loved it!

Aren't caves weird? The formations and colors made me feel like I was in the stomach of some ancient creature.

The tour was well worth the stop except for the 2 screaming babies that were in our group. TWO! Who brings a baby into a cave?! I could tell that the tour guide was frustrated because people were having a hard time hearing her. She also asked the parents numerous times if they needed to leave but they replied, "No, we're good!"

After touring the cave we stopped at the Grumpy Troll Brew Pub for lunch. The place was packed but it was the 4th of July and practically the whole rest of the town was shut down for the holiday. A few creepy trolls looked on as we ate.

Since we still had a long way to drive, Christian didn't get a beer with his lunch but we got a few bottles to enjoy at home. I, of course, just had to try a beer.

I think we had more burgers, beer and cheese during this 5-day vacation than I've had in the last 3 months. What a fun trip!

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Amy Powell said…
puff pancake? I'm definitely trying that soon.

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