Yarn Along: Cooked Blind

I'm linking up with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.

Knitting: Blind KAL with The Copper Llama
This is my first blind knit-along and I love the trust and confidence that you have to have when doing something like this. I often find myself wanting to look at a picture to see if I'm doing it right but there is no picture! As soon as I cast on I knew it was going to be a fingerless mitt. In the next row I'll be knitting in some beads which will be a first for me.
Yarn: Cascade Sunseeker in Colorway 09 Deep Teal

Reading: Practically Raw Desserts, Cooked, and Comfort Food
Hmmmm, do we see a theme here? LOL. I'm trying to get away from refined sugar so the Raw book has some great recipes for sweets that use natural sweeteners. I'm only 2 discs into the Cooked audiobook and so far I enjoy it. Pollan is learning how to BBQ a whole pig and talks about how cooked meals bring people together. In Comfort Food, the main character is an older celebrity chef that is having to reinvent herself to keep up with the young and beautiful new chefs.

What are you knitting and/or reading this week?


Amy said…
Great color choice! A blind KAL sounds fun.
fjord girl said…
Kelly this looks beautiful and complicated- gorgy pattern. Need to check the "comfort food" book out- looks good.
katie metzroth said…
Looks like the mitts are going to be really pretty! love the color you picked.
sustainablemum said…
Wow a blind KAL that's sounds like fun!
karen said…
what an adventurous knit! I did a kal for a shawl not knowing how it would look-it was a lot of fun! I need to decrease the sugar in my diet, most days I'm good, but sometimes....
I really like the Friday Night Knitting Club series but hated the style of writing of Comfort Food which was a shame.

Your knitting look amazing. The colour is lovely.

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