Celebrating with Ice Cream

Last Friday Christian and I went to Scoopers to celebrate our 3-year wedding anniversary. We also went to a few antique stores, hiking, swimming, and out to dinner, but, let's be serious here, ice cream is the most important! Last year we didn't get to celebrate our anniversary because I had surgery on that day and was laid up for quite awhile.

Scoopers is a special place to us because that is where we went for "lunch" after we said our vows.

When I was little my favorite ice cream flavor was Mint Chocolate Chip. Now I like to order one scoop of Coconut Joy and one of Mississippi Mud (both Cedar Crest ice creams). Do you have a favorite flavor?


fjord girl said…
Love this! How great that you went for ice cream Kelly after your vows...and now you can visit when ever you want.
That coconut joy sounds divine :)
Happy Anniversary!
coffeeaddict said…
What a cool wedding :-) no drama, no stress, you guys had some ice cream, brilliant! I don't have one favourite ice cream flavour but I really like anything made with nuts: walnuts, pecans,... I used to be obsessed with fig, greek yoghurt and honey ice cream.
Amy Powell said…
what a fun tradition! and congrats on your anniversary :)

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