German beer. Bratwurst. Tubas. Lederhosen. That was our Wednesday night.

image via http://www.stonecellarbrewpub.com/arch

Stone Cellar Brewpub (one of our favorites) hosted Oktoberfest at a new banquet facility they acquired. We had a German feast then got to sample 5 different Octoberfest beers all while being serenaded by these guys:

My favorite beer of the night was Central Water's Octoberfest. The beers that come out of that little Amherst, WI brewery continue to amaze me. 

We also got to preview 2 new Stone Arch beers that will be released later this year. There was a wonderful hoppy beer (Hop Blast perhaps?) that is coming out in 2 weeks that I can't wait to taste again. 

Along with Belgium Whites, Octoberfest beers are one of my favorites. Do you have a favorite Octoberfest beer? I love trying new ones.


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